Student accommodation isn’t known for being expansive. Many students may find themselves with more items than space.

This makes it essential for students to find secure self storage solutions for as and when they need.

StoreAway offers flexible leases and different size options, to accommodate all the storage needs you may require.

100 to 200sqft Units Available
24/7 Secure Access
State of the art security systems
Student storage

decluttering or just need
some extra space?

Whether you want to store items for the entirety of your university career, or over a summer of travelling, let StoreAway’s storage for student’s options eliminate the added stress that a lack of space often brings.


Get the perfect fit, with a wide selection of student storage available find the one best suited for your needs, price, and location.


You can find secure student storage at our sites in Bath and Cheltenham.

Get the perfect fit…

with a wide selection of storage for students available find the one best suited for your needs, price, and location.

How does it work?


Use our simple measuring tool to determine the storage solution best suited to your needs.


Once you have determined your required storage size, simply book, and pay for your slot.


You’ll receive your StoreAway code and can head straight to your 24/7 accessible location with your valuables and begin storing.

Alternatively you may need…





StoreAway: Student Storage


Making Short and Long-Term Storage Easy for University Students


University, college and boarding students commonly require extra storage space, whether they are staying in dorms with a tiny amount of storage capacity, need to keep their belongings off-campus when travelling, enjoying a gap year or over the holidays, or want to keep study materials and textbooks somewhere they’ll remain in great condition.


Reserving your storage space is simple: check how many boxes or items you’d like to store, pick your moving-in date, and tell us how long you think you’d like that storage unit. We’ll send you a confirmed price and leave you to deposit your items whenever suits you.


Affordable, Secure Storage for Students and Family Members


Student storage services are low-cost, and available for temporary storage requirements or longer-term periods. We’re always flexible and can offer tailored self storage prices to match your anticipated storage duration.


Secure storage units are clean, dry, and continually monitored, suited to any items you don’t need to hand immediately but want easy access to. We provide convenient loading bays, the option to collect or deposit additional items at any time, and competitive prices ideal for students.


Each StoreAway location has a huge variety of storage unit sizes, enabling students to pick the right storage unit for the capacity they require based on the volume of furniture, study materials and personal possessions they’d like to keep safe.


Accessing Student Storage Facilities 24/7


StoreAway provides purpose-built storage units close to some of the largest UK universities and colleges, including:

  • The University of Bath
  • Bath College
  • Bath Spa University
  • The University of Gloucestershire
  • Cheltenham College

Our new storage location opening soon in Basildon will also be in perfect proximity to South Essex College, Basildon University Hospital and the University of Essex.


We incorporate security surveillance across all storage facilities for your peace of mind, issuing customers with personal entry codes. Need to collect some books or clothes, transfer your belongings between dorms, or store your items while you travel home for the holidays? Arrive at any time and use your private storage locker or space as and when you wish.


Finding the Best Local Student Storage Services for Holidays and Travel


It’s common for students to need to clear out lockers, dorms or rented homes between terms or to have a small amount of personal space within their accommodation. We also speak with customers who are planning a gap year or studying in the UK from overseas – needing somewhere to keep all of their possessions clean and dry when term ends.


Please visit our Locations page for exact details of our storage facilities or contact StoreAway to access the best self storage prices around. Unlike traditional self storage, we don’t impose complex rental agreements, and will be happy to allocate all the space you need for your stuff, for as little or as long as required.